National Employability Enhancement Mission

About Neem

National Employability Enhancement Mission (NEEM) Scheme is launched by the government of India in association with AICTE, which enables the Industries to develop the skilled manpower as per their requirements through on the Job Practical Training. Cadmaxx Solutions Education trust Registration Under NEEM enables/empowers us to offer you the staffing services that would help you to have more engaged and committed workforce in more cost efficient manner.

Benefit To The Industry

  • Creating employment opportunities
  • Gets well trained & skillful Employee as per the required skill set
  • Improves competence & efficiency of the organization
  • Part of CSR Activity (contributing in the Nation building through creating a skilled manpower)
  • Equal opportunity of constructive education to the under privileged sector
  • This will not be an employment contract or a Labor contract hence the law pertaining to Labor /employment/ is not applicable.
  • No Statutory compliances required
  • Opportunity to develop your own Skilled Manpower according to your requirements & work culture
  • Clear legal structure to take candidates. Train them according to your requirement with no obligation to hire
  • Develop a hierarchy of hiring from bottom.
  • One stop solution for all national compliance




How We Can Help You

  • Identify job role requirement of “Name of the Client” and location
  • Hunts for candidates from around the nation to become listed on this program
  • Filters and Register Students as NEEM Trainee
  • Help trainees adjust to the industrial work norms and culture
  • Disburse stipend on time and manage internal accounts
  • Providing academic inputs for framing a better training program
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Benefit to Trainee

  • Get an Opportunity to Learn on Job Skill and Earn an Employment.
  • Financial Independence as he Receives a Stipend
  • On Job Training, Quality Work Experience, with Reputed Organizations.
  • Valuable Work Experience Leads to Better Job/Career Progression and Acceptance by the Industries.
  • Health and Safety and Welfare of Trainees
  • Hours of Work, Overtime, Leave and Holidays
  • Post Training Support
  • Remuneration/Stipend


The stipend shall be paid as a single consolidated amount.


Employee Compensation Act 1923 is mandatory & PA. Mediclaim policies are optional


As per Company policy and can work in all three shifts. Leaves & Holidays as per Company policy.

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