Cadmaxx Trust has actively sponsored schools since 2004. We have developed expertise in all the core areas including law, finance, compliance, facilities, new school start-up, closure, managing the application process for new schools, contract management, school monitoring and renewal decisions. We strongly believe that a good education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and can create a better future for children and their families. That is why we promote education in each of the communities by facilitating sponsorship for thousands of students who otherwise would not have a chance to attend.

Whom to Sponsor ?

The task of identifying suitable recipients of assistance is carried out by team Member, by a systematic process. you can sponsor by choosing any recipients from the list through the cadmaxx education Trust.

  • Sponsorship is utilized to give children better lives and futures.
  • Empower the students with the right quality Education
  • Sponsoring cultural, literary and scientific activities in the school
  • Giving scholarship to needy students.
  • Sponsoring students/ teachers for educational visits/sports meets.


Diploma & ITI education


Technical Branches

400 Students

Has Been Benefited