Adapting Schools

Cadmaxx Education Trust proudly runs two schools in Gulbarga for rural students. This program focuses to provide hand held support to schools in rural area and to encourage children to learn . The Trust also provides free stationary, text books, school uniforms and transport facility to the schools. Our Team members have been working tirelessly to strengthen the overall educational experience at rural area. Deeply concerned with the unique challenges in the field of rural education, Cadmaxx Education Trust has been striving for years to bring free quality education to children and encourage the students to be more organized, prepared and excited to learn. We have designed the program to

  • Provide every child with an equal opportunity to learn
  • Construction and renovation of existing building.
  • Providing computers/funding for computer training of students.
  • Developing of play ground/provision of play materials
  • Training of teachers to improve quality of teaching
  • Sponsoring cultural, literary and scientific activities in the school
  • Provide hope to our economically weaker communities
  • Encourage children to attend school and motivate them to learn
  • Develop the necessary infrastructure at the rural schools (Like creating facility for drinking Water, Building Toilets…etc)


2 Schools

Have Been Adapted


Hallisalaga, Gulbarga.